Dr Fischer is proud to have personal staff members who are highly experienced in orthopaedic health care and pay close attention to his patient’s concerns and needs. Below is a list of his staff, their job titles and their direct phone lines, should you desire to contact them.


Paula is my secretary (714 937-2122). She schedules office appointments, and is the person to contact for information about my practice in general.


Katie is my personal medical assisstant (714 937-2123). She schedules surgeries, MRI & CT scans, and can assist you with medication refills and physical therapy referrals.


Jon is my Physician Assistant-Certified or “PA” (714 937-3637). Jon is licensed to see patients in the office either when I am present or independently on his own as needed. He assists me with surgeries in the operating room, helps me evaluate and care for patients in the office, and he is the person to call for medication or surgery related questions.